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The Advancement Team

Zimmerman, Mary

Mary Zimmerman

Assistant Director for Alumni & Constituent Relations

Tysz, Roseanne

Roseanne Tysz

Administrative Assistant for Planned Giving

Ross, Nancy

Nancy Ross

Administrative Assistant for the Alumni Relations Office

Ross, Marisa

Marisa Ross

Gift Processing Specialist

Rechen, Brian

Brian Rechen

Advancement Information Manager

Mowry, Bryant

Bryant Mowry

Contact Center Manager

Hickey, Bob

Bob Hickey

Vice President for Advancement

Amy Heiss
Heiss, Amy

Amy Heiss

Gift Processing Coordinator

Gessler, Ben

Ben Gessler

Director for Annual Giving

Michael Florak portrait 9-11-2020 -9752
Florak, Michael

Michael Florak

Executive Director for Community Relations

Fleming, Christie

Christie Fleming

Director of Alumni Relations

Edwards, Steven

Steven Edwards

Leadership & Planned Giving Officer

Economico, Joe

Joe Economico

Leadership Giving Officer

Delaney, Tim

Tim Delaney

Executive Director of Alumni & Constituents

Dankoski, Dennis

Dennis Dankoski

Pilgrimage Director

Cash, Carla

Carla Cash

Administrative Assistant to Vice President of Advancement

Alissa Brun
Brun, Alissa

Alissa Brun

Prospect Researcher

Alyssa Blankenberger
Blankenberger, Alyssa

Alyssa Blankenberger

Leadership Giving Officer

Paul Bernetsky
Bernetsky, Paul

Paul Bernetsky

Director for Leadership and Planned Giving

Behler, Bridgette

Bridgette Behler

Manager of Constituent Relations

Mike Andreola portrait 9-11-2020 -1821
Andreola, Michael

Michael Andreola

Executive Direct of Philanthropic Giving