I Love Franciscan 2019

Dollars Raised: $23,898

Donors: 93

Next Update 03/25/19 at 3:00 PM EST!

From now until April 26, it's time to show your love for Franciscan! Every gift you make will be used to ensure our students receive a faithfully Catholic education that will empower them to change the world. Be sure to follow I Love Franciscan on Facebook, and tell us why you love Franciscan using the hashtag #ilovefranciscan.

Show Your Love For Franciscan!

Make a gift now in support of I Love Franciscan 2019 and it will be matched 1:1! That means your $25 gift becomes $50, or your $100 gift becomes $200 - all to support Franciscan's mission to send forth joyful disciples. May God bless you!

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