Sarah Lawlor portrait cropped

Sarah Lawlor ’20

Theology Major

Coming from a public high school, Sarah Lawlor didn’t just want to study theology in her college classes—she wanted to joyfully live 
her faith in every aspect of her life as 
a student.

It didn’t take long for her to discover like minds at Franciscan.

“When I came and visited, it was so evident that people were alive with the faith on a deeper level,” says the junior from Denver, Colorado. “From that point on I only wanted to study theology because I wanted to understand the heart of what we believe and what is truth—so I can truly live it at its core and then give it to the world.”

Through her first two years at Franciscan, Sarah has already taken advantage of Franciscan’s many opportunities to live out and give the truth of the Gospel 
to the world. This past spring, she led Franciscan’s student mission to Los Angeles, 
and she continues to be active in local Missions of Peace and the Servants of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus household.

“In Missions of Peace, in Works of Mercy, in households, you’re always giving of yourself at Franciscan,” she says.

Sarah’s experience isn’t unique. It’s all part of a dynamic faith community that pushes students to both academic and spiritual excellence.

“The beautiful thing about Franciscan is that it unifies both the spiritual and the intellectual so well,” she says. “It takes what we know about the faith—what’s been taught, our tradition—and it marries it with how we serve. There are so many opportunities to put our faith into play and practice what we believe; it’s not like we’re just absorbing, because we’re also giving.”

Fittingly, Sarah’s giving would not have been possible without the generous support of Franciscan’s friends and donors.

“Franciscan wouldn’t have been an option for me if I didn’t get a scholarship to come here, and Franciscan has changed my life dramatically,” she says. “Through the donors being an instrument of God and giving, I’ve been able to grow with Christ and build into my future the desire to give everything to him.”

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