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Franciscan University does more than educate future professionals. We form disciples.

We call young people to a life of deeper faith, more fervent prayer, greater virtue, and bolder sacrifice.

We give them the  tools they need to grow in wisdom, compassion, courage, and Christian maturity.

A Message from Father Dave

Father Dave Pivonka, TOR, president of Franciscan University of Steubenville, and an alumnus of Franciscan, invites you to join us in our mission of educating, evangelizing, and sending forth joyful disciples.

We equip our students in mind and heart to answer God’s call to serve him well in the world—as doctors, nurses, teachers, small business owners, attorneys, priests, religious brothers and sisters, missionaries, mothers, fathers, social workers, writers, and more.

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We teach young people that a fruitful life depends on our reception of God’s grace in the sacraments, attentiveness to God’s Word in Sacred Scripture,  and cooperation with God’s plan every minute of every day.

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Donors Tell Why They Give

Bernard Elero

Senior Vice President of Business Development and Capture Management, AECOM

Kristofer Kauffeld ’96 MBA ’99

Controller, Enterprise Rent-A-Car

David DeWolf ’99

Founder and CEO, Three Pillar Global

We help them heal from the wounds of their past and live lives in accord with the Gospel.

We send forth graduates who are healthy, whole, joyful, and who desire holiness for themselves and others.

Students and Alumni
Howard Jung ’18
MA Theology

“I’m leaving a better person and better man—more integrated in my faith and how to live my faith. And, hopefully, willing to stand for my faith in a way that’s more efficacious than I have in the past . . .”

Nathan Ware ’22
Humanities and Catholic Culture Major

“Not having to pay tuition as an undergraduate makes continuing with a master’s and a PhD much more feasible for me, which is a great blessing.”
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Rachel del Guidice ’16
Reporter, The Daily Signal

“There was such a sense of joy and community at Franciscan that I never witnessed anywhere else.”
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James Manzer ’19

Aside from the community, research-intensive science program, and dynamic 
campus faith life, Franciscan offered James a chance to explore the idea of personal vocation—a unique calling from God to live out personally and professionally.
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Elisha Valladares-Cormier ’20
Communication Arts Major

“I would not have these opportunities if it were not for the generous financial aid I have received. I would not be here without that gift.”
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Sarah Lawlor ’20
Theology Major

“When I came and visited, it was so evident that people were alive with the faith on a deeper level. From that point on I only wanted to study theology because I wanted to understand the heart of what we believe and what is truth—so I can truly live it at its core and then give it to the world.”
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Dan Johnson ’07
Creative Director, 4PM Media

“There’s something about this place that is just special and holy. When you’re supporting Franciscan, you’re supporting that.”
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Alex Lamparella ’21
History/Theology Major

“It’s been amazing to encounter Christ in this way.”

Jerome Harkins ’21
Math, Computer Science Double Major

Jerome knew that if he wanted to pursue an academically rigorous education in math and computer science, and eventually become an engineer, he would need to do so in a place that would “push me to be a better Catholic each and every single day.”

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Gary Pierre ’22
International Business Major

Among the benefits he has received from Franciscan is a reawakening of the Catholic faith into which he was baptized. He participated in the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) program and was confirmed at Easter. He also is in formation for the Disciples of the Word Household.
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Daniela Gonzalez ’21
Nursing Major

Being a student on campus has really given me a doorway to an education that has been preparing me both spiritually and academically.”
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