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Planning and Implementation Committee

Chairperson: Paul "Mickey" Pohl

In 1989, on a friend’s recommendation, I visited Franciscan University for the first time. That recommendation is one of the best I’ve ever received. My one visit ended up turning into a three-decade long relationship with a school that has become a spiritual home for me.

As a member of the Board of Trustees from 1990 to 2002, I watched Franciscan transform from a small regional Catholic college to a university known around the world for its fidelity, academic excellence, and, most of all, for the joyful, faithful leaders in a broad range of disciplines it sends forth into the culture. I tell people I’ve been blessed with a front-row seat at the miracle that is Franciscan University. And I don’t use that word—miracle—lightly. Looking at how this school has grown, changed, and flourished over the last 75 years, I can’t describe it as anything less.

Franciscan University, however, is just getting started. As the school celebrates its 75th anniversary, it is looking forward to what God will do here in the next 75 years. It is also working hard to ensure that all the tools and resources are in place to equip future generations for the professional challenges they’ll face and the spiritual battles they’ll fight.

To that end, Franciscan has launched a $75 million capital campaign: Rebuild My Church. This campaign is of a scale unprecedented for Franciscan University. It will provide resources to meet the University’s needs now and, in the future, and bring the University to a new level among the world’s top Catholic universities. It is my great honor to serve as chairman of this campaign and work with a wonderful team of people to help the University reach its goal.

I hope you’ll join me in giving generously to this important undertaking. I also hope to thank you personally for your gift when we celebrate the end of a successful campaign in the new academic and conference building in 2024.

Thank you for being a part of the miracle that is Franciscan University.

In Christ,


Paul M. “Mickey” Pohl, JD

Chairman, Rebuild My Church Campaign

Franciscan University of Steubenville

The Planning & Implementation Committee Members

Mickey Pohl - Chairman

David DeWolf '99

Vice-Chairman Mark Thomas

Vice-Chairman Joni Abdalla '95

Franco Carapellotti

Bob Hickey '97, FUS

Fr. Nathan Malavolti, TOR

Brian McCarthy '02

Chris Stefanick '98

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